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A Moves Management Program for Mid-Level Donors

Are you doing all you can to upgrade your mid-level donor segment?

Obviously, direct mail is an important piece of your fundraising strategy. But unless you connect with mid-level donors in other ways too, you risk breeding stagnation in this portion of your donor base.

The fact is, your direct mail campaign has its limitations. Perhaps it doesn’t turn enough $250 donations into $500+ gifts or planned or major gifts. Maybe it causes $1,000 donors to get lost in the mix between annual giving and a personal contact.

Our Solution: VDMArtful Strategies

Borns Group/VDM created VDMArtful Strategies to help nonprofits engage mid-level donors in a more intimate, strategic manner. Our hybrid solicitation program includes a variety of products and services from which you can choose on an à la carte basis.

With VDMArtful Strategies, you can outsource key aspects of your development efforts. Borns Group/VDM will provide expert counsel on all aspects of managing mid-level donors. We can handle everything from design and writing to printing, production and distribution.


  • Phone Strategy: Devise a plan to make calls to first-time donors, donors who have upgraded and consistent givers who renew.
  • Online Giving: Statistics indicate donors who make gifts online are more apt to maintain and upgrade their support.
  • Stewardship: Capitalize on insights of what makes your high-end donors “tick” to maximize giving during key points of your campaign.
  • Mail Strategy: Create and implement a mail plan that is carefully crafted to your promising major donors. These are very special individuals and need to be engaged properly.
  • Email Strategy: To create communication channel synergy and provide a donor response option an email strategy will be crafted. This also helps drive an on-line presence.


  • Thank You Postcard: To acknowledge a donor when a gift arrives
  • Welcome Packet: A customized packet to send to new donors
  • Newsletter: Educate donors on how your organization is using their gifts
  • Higher-Level Solicitation Package: Messaging and design geared toward donors above a certain level
  • Planned Giving: Increasing the visibility of your planned gift program
  • Email Follow-Up: Continue a conversation or announce a new initiative which will move the donor to future action

The end result: You’ll advance more mid-level donors into higher levels — and on the road to planned or major giving.

Artful Strategy

VDMArtful Strategies will help you:

  • Strengthen your relationship with mid-level donors.
  • Add clarity and cohesion to your overall development efforts.
  • Ensure proper cultivation and stewardship of each donor’s understanding of your organization’s accomplishments.
  • Reallocate budget resources to align expenses with ROI, reducing unproductive mailings and thus cutting the cost-per-dollar-raised of your fundraising efforts.

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