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Video Email and Email Append

A NEW TOOL FOR INSPIRING RECIPIENTS TO TAKE ACTION   The Struggle to Stand Out From Millennial to the silent generation, almost everyone uses social media, and videos have become especially popular. Today’s fundraising environment is as competitive as ever. Your donors and prospects are receiving solicitations from non-profit organizations and other worthy causes every […]

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Fundraiser’s Roundtable

I was sitting in my office just thinking about the fall and what we will be bringing to the table for our clients. While not a new concept, a video email, as part of the calendar year end appeal is a really good way to get maximum attention during a really crowded fundraising time of […]

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Direct Mail Fundraising Solutions for Non-Profits

What Is Direct Mail Fundraising? Direct mail fundraising refers to the process of acquiring new donors as well as maintaining existing ones by sending them printed solicitation letters via regular mail. Despite the widespread use of e-mail and other forms of digital communication, direct mail is still seen as one of the most effective methods […]

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Do You Have A Moves Management Program For Your Mid-Level Donors?

Your nonprofit organization has a solid base of “mid-level” donors … those who make gifts that are greater and/or more frequent than the average. You communicate with these donors regularly via direct mail, and they respond with gifts on a consistent basis. Not a bad starting point. Your direct mail campaign, however, has its limitations. […]

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