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Video Email and Email Append

A NEW TOOL FOR INSPIRING RECIPIENTS TO TAKE ACTION   The Struggle to Stand Out From Millennial to the silent generation, almost everyone uses social media, and videos have become especially popular. Today’s fundraising environment is as competitive as ever. Your donors and prospects are receiving solicitations from non-profit organizations and other worthy causes every […]

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Fundraiser’s Roundtable

I was sitting in my office just thinking about the fall and what we will be bringing to the table for our clients. While not a new concept, a video email, as part of the calendar year end appeal is a really good way to get maximum attention during a really crowded fundraising time of […]

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An Idea On How To Upgrade Mid- And Upper-Level Annual Fund Donors During This Recession

In previous articles about direct response fundraising during down economic times, we discussed two important precepts for stewarding donor relationships. The first was the importance of keeping your brand — your programs and your mission – in front of your donors. Donors are likely to increasingly prioritize their philanthropy while the economy remains in recession. […]

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What Is The Right Way To Build The Donor File?

A standard strategy issue for direct mail programs that are experiencing lethargy in donor acquisition is the use/non-use of Premiums. Perhaps the more pertinent question today may not be whether or not they should be used, but rather where might they be used strategically to help bolster both short term gain and sustainable donor base growth. […]

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The Role Online Giving Can Play in Your Direct Mail Fundraising Success

In recent years, made, even more, apparent by the current economic downturn, it has become increasingly obvious that not all “issues” with direct mail fundraising can be solved/addressed by direct mail alone. The reading and buying habits of Americans are changing rapidly. The percentages of consumers using mail to communicate, purchase items, research a topic […]

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