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Video Email and Email Append



The Struggle to Stand Out

From Millennial to the silent generation, almost everyone uses social media, and videos have become especially popular.
Today’s fundraising environment is as competitive as ever. Your donors and prospects are receiving solicitations from non-profit organizations and other worthy causes every day.
With all this “noise” it’s easy to blend in with the rest of the crowd. Worse
yet, traditional forms of communication don’t always resonate well with
younger people.
In order to insure long term success, your fundraising strategy must evolve over time. Direct mail, phone and other established approaches should still play a role – but so should new technologies.
That’s why Borns Group/VDM is pleased to introduce the BG/VDM Video Email

Our Solution:

Video Email from BG/VDM leverages video and internet technologies
to make a powerful impression with donors and prospects. Here’s how
it works:

Email opens
Click-throughs to microsite
Video plays
Average length of time on the video increases
We see conversions and more

Key Benefits:

With Video Email from BG/VDM, we work with you to take current videos from in house sources. We manage the hosting of these videos for deployment through your delivery system. We make the entire process simple and painless for you.

Video Email will help you to:

Engage donors and prospects on a deeper level by incorporating video, audio and text.
Connect better with younger people and others that tend to respond well to video.
Showcase the results of past campaigns in a visually vibrant way.

Email Append:

There are many ways to capture email addresses. To grow your list requires “an all of the above” strategy. One of the methods is to perform an email append on your file.

We will take your database and pass it through an outside multi- million record file of email addresses. When there is a match to your file, we will send that record an invitation to receive information from your organization. We even indicate that some of the information will pertain to fundraising.

When we receive a confirmation (opt-in), that record is appended with the email. Currently we are receiving about 15% match rate on Opt-In emails.

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