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Look to Borns Group/VDM. We blend your needs and expertise with our proven strategies for Fundraising Success. Using an industry-leading, fact-based approach, we our fundraising consultants work for you to uncover fundraising opportunities and eliminate unproductive spending.

Are you looking for a different approach with Direct Mail Fundraising?
Discover “The Perfect Blend” – The Perfect Fundraising Solutions for YOU and your business.

Strengthen Your Giving Strategies

At Borns Group/VDM, our programs and campaigns are created to both increase your donor base and move donors into higher giving levels, while being mindful of donor retention. Our blended fundraising solutions vary based on your needs, and can range from program strategy to the basic components of a multi-channel campaign.

As direct mail consultants, we know that direct mail continues to be a major fundraising channel. But we also know that email and social media have become an important aspect of fundraising solutions as technology and consumer sophistication increases.

You won’t get boilerplate fundraising solutions from us. You may even be surprised at some of our advice. But there’s one thing you can always expect: We’ll give you guidance that will address your problems and support your goals.

To reach or exceed your fundraising goals, we offer exclusive fundraising solutions such as:

  • VDM Vitals: Statistical analysis of your annual giving program
  • VDMArtful Strategies: Moves management program for mid-level donors
  • VDM Hearts & Minds: A new solution for acquiring donors
  • VDM Vitals Donor Attitudinal Insights: Know what your donors are thinking

What Makes Borns Group/VDM a Great Partner

Our effectiveness is the result of collaboration during key aspects of our process and in putting a plan together that precisely fits your organization. Whether we are in the strategic planning phase or engaged in production, you can expect to work with a knowledgeable team that’s always there when you have a question and has your best interests in mind.

Expertise as Direct Mail Professionals

We know how to utilize the power of direct mail marketing. We’ve had many years of experience using letter delivery via the United States Postal Service (USPS), together with strategies that include targeted mailing lists, personalization, and split testing, in order to successfully turn targeted recipients into prospects, and eventually into buyers.

In regard to offering fundraising solutions to charities and other nonprofit companies, the persuasive copywriters we work with have utilized time-tested techniques such as “storytelling” and appeals to the tax deductible nature of charitable contributions, to bring new donors on board, increase contributions, and improving donor retention.

We are THE direct mail marketing experts!
We’ve helped numerous “nonprofit” and “for-profit” organizations enhance their bottom lines. We’ll do the same for YOU!


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Your staff facilitated a smooth transition from our previous vendor to your services. We have strict requirements for our letters and you had no trouble setting up the templates and passing the inspections. Continue Reading

Associate Director of Annual Giving West Coast Academic Medical Center June 20, 2016

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Analytics + Donor File Audit

How well do you understand your donors?
It’s not a simple question. After all, truly understanding your donors means knowing the frequency of their gifts, the reasons why they donate, and why they're contributing more (or less) than last year, the types of appeals they respond to and much more. And you need these details across each of your donor segments.

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Campaign Design & Management

Great marketing companies know how to coordinate everything from design to printing to delivery in a way that is efficient and economical. The mailings will reach their intended destinations on time and in good condition. Response rates will increase as a result. Marketing should be strategic. We recognize that we must not only produce materials which are nice to look at, but that deliver the goals as well.

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VDM Artful Strategies help nonprofits engage mid-level donors in a more intimate, strategic manner. Our hybrid solicitation program includes a variety of products and services from which you can choose on an à la carte basis. With VDM Artful Strategies, you can outsource key aspects of your development efforts. Borns Group/VDM will provide expert counsel on all aspects of managing mid-level donors. We can handle everything from design and writing to printing, production and distribution.