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We're on a mission to help your Annual Giving program succeed, take the stress out of your to-do list, and get you back to the joy of seeing the impact of your fundraising efforts.

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the full-service source for all of your Annual Giving needs

Our custom programs are completely tailored for your organization and mission. Working hand-in-hand with you and your team, we develop campaigns that work for your unique budget and brand.

Appeals are created to inspire donors to higher giving levels, while minimizing your cost per dollar raised and maximizing your return on investment.

We feel more like an in-house team to our organizations because we are always available for you. We keep a close watch on workflow, timelines, and twists that can affect strategy.

Our flexibility means you won’t miss out on opportunities that arise after your program is in place and you won’t be sidelined by unexpected obstacles.

"Working with Borns Group/VDM makes my job a thousand times easier. Their strategy, flexibility, organization and willingness to make changes at a quick pace have proven to be the key ingredients for our successful Annual Giving program."

Philanthropy Coordinator, Southwest Health System

There’s more to your donor database than you may realize. Borns Group/VDM goes beyond routine analysis with proprietary programs to identify and reach your donors who generate the greatest return so you make the most of each donor opportunity.
We have over 25 years of experience and know what works. We’ll tailor road-tested strategies to fit your organization so you can reach and exceed your unique fundraising goals. Put our knowledge to work for your success.
This is our own custom-developed “secret sauce” for advancing more mid-level donors into higher levels and then leading them to planned or major giving. This powerful strategy is available only through Borns Group/VDM.
We’re battle-tested fundraisers who know how to tailor, apply, and adjust effective fundraising strategies that work for you and your donors while keeping your organization’s voice, community presence and personality.
“We are building a Grateful Patient program and there is no other company that I would trust more to help us establish a state-of-the-art Annual Giving program than Borns Group/VDM. Their team comes with years of experience in direct mail and marketing initiatives. Their knowledgeable and talented staff always goes the extra mile to ensure that our needs and deadlines are met. I wish I had a gold star to give the company, because they are taking our program to next level. ”

Associate Director of Annual Giving, West Coast Academic Medical Center
“I have been working with Borns Group/VDM for over a decade. Their knowledge and experience with annual giving is unmatched, and their customer service is on point. As a development officer in a small organization, I appreciate having a team of professionals who offer sound advice and help me get the job done. I recommend Borns Group/VDM to any organization, large or small, looking to improve their annual giving.”

?Development Officer, Northeast Community Services Organization
“Borns Group/VDM provides creative, strategic thinking in the programs we implement with them. Our Annual Giving program has improved in our key areas of measurement – ROI, cost per dollar raised, acquisition, etc.”

?Development Officer, West Coast Animal Welfare Organization


providing marketing expertise for publicly supported organizations

We are proud to work alongside some of the best nonprofit fundraising organizations today who make our world a better place. Our passion for what we do comes from knowing that we’re supporting teams that make a difference.  
Our clients include Cancer Centers, Children’s Hospitals, Teaching Hospitals and Medical Universities, Animal Welfare Groups, Membership Organizations, among others.

Find out how you can take advantage of our experience to advance your cause and your fundraising goals by completing the form below.

“Like everyone, I have budget constraints! Borns Group/VDM works with me to customize a program that suits both my budget and my needs. They provide great Annual Fund strategies and an impressive range of services! “

Executive Director, Midwest Hospital Foundation

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